the daily diary of a sojourner in kano

my kano diaries. The Smile Shop

Live from the beautiful city of Kano:

I had to go for my dental check up today at the one stop dental care shop in kano,The Smile Shop. I had an awesome experience. It is not my first time at a dentist’s but this was a visit with a difference. The reception, the ambience, the class, the touch, the artistry and then the dental chair. The dental chair was so comfortable that I slept off. I saw a dental camera for the first time. My teeth was inspected with a dental camera and I followed as the camera gave live feedback to the screen. So, I had a dental scaling and polishing procedure done and I actually slept off with my mouth open. The tip of the icing was the fact that some government officials came in to do a video recording of the place and I happened to be the patient on the chair. I was so excited,hey how many patients are begged to be recorded for a government documentary. I sure opened my now shining teeth very wide for the camera. Of course,by the time the video shoot was over the government officials begged to do a scaling and polishing procedure too. Most of all, I loved the experience.

Kano, Tumbingiwa kenan!

Writer goes by the pen name- Hajiya Maekano

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