the daily diary of a sojourner in kano

my kano diaries. Pfizer Diagnostic Centre set for commissioning in Kano

Live from the beautiful city of Kano:

Following the fall out between Kano State Government and Multinational pharmaceutical company Pfizer, there was an agreement reached to compensate the State. This includes among other things a state of the art $25.5m ultra modern diagnostic centre located in Kwanar Dawaki, Dawakin Kudi LGA, an outskirt of Kano metropolis. The near complete facility will be able to conduct research, track causative agents and diseases. The centre comprises facilities viz ultra modern kitchen and dining facility, conference room, virtual library,CCTV,digital data capture,storage machines,steam house,incinerator,public health laboratory,micro biological reference laboratory,  quarantine facilities,cooling and ultra high heating equipments, mortuary and staff quarters. Research can now be conducted on infectious diseases like tuberculosis,dirrhoea, meningitis,cholera,polio, HIV. The centre would also complement the services of Murtala Muhammex specialist Hospital, Aminu Kano Teaching Hospital, Dala orthopaedic Hospital, and other health institutions.

Kano, Tumbingiwa kenan!

Writer goes by the pen name- Hajiya Maekano

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