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Live from the beautiful city of Kano:

Woke up with a start as usual on this beautiful Monday morning. As I got ready for work I observed that I had some more outbreaks on my face. No worries ,harmattan will soon dry you out,I thought. I hurriedly downed a cup of the now popular ‘moringa’,which is popularly called ‘ZOGALE’ in hausa. I jumped into my car and greeted ‘sanu’ to anyone who cared to hear me.  While I raced along the popular Hadejia road heading to Murtala Muhammed way, I observed that I did not see the regular FRSC car or their men in uniform. Speeding along Murtala Mohammed way, I could see the diligent road sweepers. Gosh,can I wake up when it is so cold to even sweep my compound?,I thought. These men must be very immune to the weather. Finding my way to Post Office Road which by the way, I thought was recently fixed. Maybe it is my eyes. Anyway, my car and I made it to the bustling Murtala Muhammed Specialist Hospital,Kofar Mata. In this hospital, consultation is free and caesarean section is absolutely free. As I entered the female Out Patient Department which I heard is being renovated by the Ministry of Health, I could practically call it a swarm of people. I was caught up in the crowd and somehow transported by maybe osmosis or diffusion(I’m not sure which) to the door of my physician’s office. Wow,glad I made it in one piece.

Writer goes by the pen name- Hajiya Maekano

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