the daily diary of a sojourner in kano

my kano diaries

My Kano Diaries

Live from the beautiful city of Kano:

The first ever Wedding Planning Event in Kano held featuring wedding planners, interior decorators, caterers,make up artistes, models on the runway and lots more.  It held at the popular Hong Fu Chinese Restaurant ,Nassarawa Hospital road. There were lots of women in attendance. It was a strictly by invitation event. The Kano State Ministry of Women affairs was ably represented. The event featured Cambridge weight loss, Beauty attitudes spa, Switwande, NBC,Cheerie noodles,Glo etc. There were lots of freebies for all in attendance. It was so much fun. The red carpet was also filled with glee and laughter.There was lots of item 7 and it was quite an honor to be in attendance. Kano state will never be the sameas regards to where to source information for weddings. There was so much networking too.

It was a success and was put together by Youth Make Impact with the director in the person of Cool Fm show hostess- Lady Gwen Oshoniyi.

Writer goes by the pen name- Hajiya Maekano

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