the daily diary of a sojourner in kano

my kano diaries. Some roads i passed through today

Live from the beautiful city of Kano:

Kano  today was serene and cool. Coupled with the fact that the harmattan is gently creeping in. The route to church was smooth. There were no hassles. I am sure people find it difficult now to wake up and leave for early morning church services. I hugged my bedsheet and snuggled so into the duvet ,but the better got hold of me. I had to get my act together and leave for church. After service, I had to drop off a few friends around Katsina road. From church, I drove through the Airport road leading to Airforce 303 Flying training school, unto Ashton road all of which are still dusty and under construction. Red dust engulfed the car and I headed towards the airport and through Bukavo barracks road unto Katsina road. On dropping off my friends and making a u –turn at Katsina road, I headed for Zungeru road which by the way is also under construction. I had originally dreaded passing Zungeru road till I was informed that the road is also being fixed. Since I arrived Kano,Zungeru road has been a nightmare to my car;pot and drum sized holes on that road. I was so happy about Zungeru road repairs because it is such a major road in Kano. Kudos to the Governor, Rabiu Musa Kwankwaso.

Writer goes by the pen name- Hajiya Maekano

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